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UCLA First Year Experience
A header with two crossed, multicolored streams. The Intersectional Environmentalist logo is located in the bottom left, with the UCLA Common Experience logo located diagonally in the top right. The graphics and logos are overlaid over an off-white background of mountainous outlines.

Program Context

Each year, The Common Experience selects a title for the Bruin community to read, listen or watch together centered around a common theme. Our mission is to ignite campus-wide discussions on compelling social issues and inspire action within the Bruin community.

Goals of The Common Experience program include:

  • To share and understand diverse perspectives in a respectful way
  • To build a community of intellectually engaged learners
  • To explore the role we play in creating a just society
  • To consider critical action steps that can be taken in response to your common experience at UCLA

2022-2023 Selection: The Intersectional Environmentalist

The 2022-2023 Common Experience theme is Sustainability and Climate Change. With its relevance and inclusivity, The Intersectional Environmentalist has been chosen as this year's Common Experience media.

The Intersectional Environmentalist offers a rundown of the core tenants of Intersectional Environmentalism through an activist’s lens, delivering information in a way that is inviting, convicting, and academically informed. From the fashion industry to indigenous practices, the topics discussed cover a wide breadth of the different areas in which Intersectional Environmentalism is present. The media and movement build on a foundation of social justice, focusing on the forces and interactions of privilege and power. This selection highlights how these forces systemically influence both human-caused climate change and the marginalized populations that it affects most; it speaks with clarity on how we are all stakeholders in the challenge of healing and sustaining our shared Earth.

Those interested can currently access podcasts and relevant media through the Intersectional Environmentalist website.

To access relevant resources about The Intersectional Environmentalist and this year's Common Experience theme, visit our Additional Resources page.

More About The Intersectional Environmentalist

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