Student Resources

The UCLA Common Experience Logo resides in the top left of the header, with the Intersectional Environmentalist logo beneath in the bottom left. A trio of connected green, blue, and light grey stripes run in an curve across the header from the top-middle to bottom-right. The headers background is a pastel green.

Student Resources

As a Bruin, you have so many ways to get involved with sustainability! Whether it be on campus, or off, your participation is critical to us taking steps towards a greener world. Check out the resources below to explore some of the ways you can make a difference in our community!

Part of a student organization or department? Request a workshop on Intersectional Environmentalism led by our Environmental Justice and Sustainability Specialists. Want to dive deeper? Join a book club or request a facilitation packet to lead your own for your friends or organization!

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Join or Facilitate a Book Club