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Faculty and Staff Resources

As Faculty, you play an integral role in building the foundation for our scholars to contribute towards a greater society. These resources will allow you to integrate our mission of sustainability and community action into your classrooms. By incorporating climate-consciousness into academics and research, we contribute to an overall UCLA experience that teaches students mindfulness in loving our shared Earth.

Thematic Discussion Guide

This guide lays out all the learnings found in each chapter of the book, pairing them with discussion questions to get conversation flowing.

Discussion Guide

Intersectional environmentalist The Common Experience

Request a Workshop

Our Environmental Justice & Sustainability Specialist Interns are excited to meet your class, team, unit, or department to dive into the tenants of Intersectional Environmentalism to deliver a presentation that invites your team into this campus-wide discussion.

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Intersectional Environmentalism : Local and Beyond

Below, you will find categorized opportunities for you to take your climate activism beyond the boundaries of Westwood. As Bruins and as scholar practitioners, we have an obligation to justly contribute to building a greater tomorrow. Check out these resources to see how you can participate in making our Earth a healthier and more inclusive home!

Please understand that the categories these organizations are put in is for convenience reasons only -  all of these groups have a variety of lenses and perspectives in which they intersect and is not to try and categorize or limit the scope of their work 

Intersecting with LGBTQ2+

Queer Brown Vegan

Founded by Isaias Hernandez, a Latinx queer environmentalist advocating for more diverse perspectives to be brought to conversations on sustainability through new lenses like queer ecology. 

Queer Nature

“Queer nature is a project characterized by nature-based education and critical naturalist studies in Northwestern U.S. and Intermountain West”(Queer Nature). 

Intersecting with Racial Justice

Brown Girl Green

“Founded by Kristy Dutman to “Turn climate doom into humor, healing chats, and educational tools for action.” (browngirlgreen). 

Intersecting with AAPI perspectives


“Evolved for a decade of work as a young Indian-American woman inspired the intersecting challenges of one, reforming systems of healthcare to better support all patients and tow, addressing the public health crisis posed by climate change.” (Avritah)

Intersecting with Indigenous Rights

Future ancestors

“Future Ancestors Services supports clients and community in honoring our responsibilities as future ancestors to shape the just and sustainable futures our next generations will inherit” (Future Ancestor Services)

Rising Hearts

“An Indigenous led grassroots organization committed to the heart work in elevating indigenous voice, promoting, and supporting intersectional collaborative efforts across all forms of movements in cultivating community with the goal of racial. Social, climate, and economic justice.” (Rising Hearts)

Intersecting with Food Justice

Black food justice

“The National Black Food and Justice Alliance represents hundreds of Black Urban and rural farmer,s organizers, and land stewards based nationwide working together towards an intergenerational urban/rural movement to map, asses, train and deepen the organizing, institution building and advocacy work protecting Black land and work towards food sovereignty” (National Black food & Justice Alliance)

See LA

 “Our purpose is to build sustainable food systems and promote social and cultural activities that benefit both low-to-moderate income residents of Los Angeles while also supporting California small and mid-sized farms and local small businesses.” (See LA)

Intersectionality Outdoors

In Solidarity Project

“Bringing the outdoor industry together to build a more inclusive future” (In Solidarity Project)

Hike Clerb

“An intersectional women’s outdoor collective founded by Evelyn Escobar (...) inspired to take action by the lack of representation and participation of people of color in the outdoors.” (Hike Clerb)

Runners for Public Lands

“Dedicated to protecting the people and places we love by organizing runners for climate action, sustainability practices, the protection of public lands, and equitable access to nature.” (Runners for Public Lands)

Intersecting with youth-led action

One Up Action

“Our mission is to support marginalized youth by providing them with the resources needed to take innovative steps to tackle the climate crisis within their local communities for a regenerative future” (One Up Action).

Sunrise Movement Los Angeles

 “Building an army of young people to fight for climate justice and a livable future for our city” (SMVT LA)