Bruins From Rural Areas & Small Towns

“We want this to be a self-identification, as we provide student support for those who need it. Defining “rurality” is complex, and self-identifying is more inclusive”

— (Klein, 2021)

Who are Bruins from Rural Areas and Small Towns?

There are many different definitions of “rural”, and the Bruins from Rural Areas and Small Towns Committee recognizes the diversity of different rural places and the experiences of the people that live there. The committee seeks to develop a community at UCLA for rural and small-town Bruins, as well as advocate for the representation and needs of these students across campus.

We define Bruins from rural areas and small towns as: Students that: Are from small or remote communities both in the United States and internationally. Completed high school in a rural area or small town. Attended community college in a rural area or small town.


Our Mission within FYE is advocacy, support, and research to support Bruins from Rural Areas & Small towns. Advocacy - Promoting computer and MiFi lending program. Research - Seeking to understand the experience of Bruins from rural areas and small towns. Community Building - Monthly drop-in hours Facebook group Admissions day events.

Dashew Center for International Students & Scholars

The Dashew Center is the place where domestic and international students and scholars meet! The center enhances the UCLA experience for international students and scholars with multicultural programs and services. The Dashew Center also provides visa services for newly admitted international students and serves as a resource and learning center for the entire UCLA community to promote global connection, international understanding, and cultural sensitivity.