Your Wellness Experience

We believe that wellness is an essential part of student success, and we offer a variety of resources to support your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Overall, UCLA is committed to helping you prioritize your wellness so that you can thrive both academically and personally. We encourage you to take advantage of the resources available to you and to make your well-being a top priority during your time at UCLA.

Kayla's Wellness Experience

Coming into your first year of college can be a big transition. It’s a new place, packed with new people, and filled with new experiences. Although this is definitely very exciting, it can also be stressful. Figuring out how to balance your commitments (especially on the quarter system!) can be difficult at first and may leave you feeling worried.

I was completely overwhelmed when I first started at UCLA. I was being pulled in so many different directions because of school, work, clubs, and other commitments, and I remember feeling so stressed day in and day out.

Eventually, I understood that I had bitten off more than I could chew, so I reprioritized to make sure that I had enough time for myself outside of external commitments. By prioritizing my wellness, I realized that my work is at its best when I am at my best!

Remember that you’re not going through this alone—UCLA offers many resources to support your overall well-being. I personally find that the workshops offered by the RISE program are amazing, but you can explore the many resources offered and figure out what works best for you! You got this!

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Kayla's Tips: Start preparing for your transition into being a college student! Figure out what time you can set aside each day or each week to yourself so you have the ability to unwind and relax. Also take some time to explore the resources offered by UCLA and make note of ones you might want to take advantage of.

Recommended Resources:

Financial Wellness - Visit the UCLA Financial Wellness webpage. Find workshops, make appointments, and find resources for scholarships, employment, housing and more.

UCLA Scholarship Resource Center - They help UCLA students identify and apply for scholarships. They offer workshops, individual counseling, and other resources. This center is separate from the Financial Aid Office.

ASUCLA Jobs - Find a job through the associated student union. From working at the Hill Top Shop or Kerckhoff Coffee House on campus to being a sound technician, there’s an option for everyone.


Kayla's Tips: Make sure to check in with yourself! When we get busy, we can sometimes put our wellness on the back-burner, and we don’t realize we’re running low on energy until we’re burnt out. Reflect on your well-being and continue to make time for yourself by doing things you enjoy.

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Recommended Resources:

Hill Rules and Regulations - Find the rules for quiet hours, guests, substances, and more.

Work Orders - Request maintenance for bathrooms, dorms, and other spaces on The Hill.

UCLA Safe Ride - Safe, reliable, evening campus transportation. Transportation between campus buildings, on-campus housing and nearby residential areas.

UCLA Mobile Ordering App - Order food from Epicuria at Ackerman and Bcafe from the mobile app and skip the line!


Kayla's Tips: Winter quarter can be a tough time for a lot of students. Really make sure that you’re fulfilling your basic requirements—get enough sleep, eat enough food, and spend time with people that make you happy. Always remember that if you find yourself struggling in any aspect, there are people and resources available to help you.

Recommended Resources:

ResLife Employment Opportunities - Work for ResLife! Opportunities include study Hall proctors, event technicians, Makerspace technicians, food service and more!

UCLA Recreation - Wooden offers an incredible weight room...and so much more! Check out the climbing wall, basketball courts and racketball courts. Attend open gyms for sports like volleyball and badminton. Check out classes like dance, cycling, martial arts and music classes! There is also a gym on the Hill...check out Bfit! Look into the GroupX pass!

Sunset Canyon Recreation Center - Located on the Hill you can reserve the lap pool, tennis courts or drop in at the volleyball courts, basketball courts, or lawn area!

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Kayla's Tips: Practicing wellness is an ongoing process! Progress isn’t always linear, but it can be a good idea to set goals for yourself regarding wellness. Setting goals can be as simple as aiming to eat 3 full meals a day or to spend at least half an hour outdoors! Everyone’s goals are different, so set goals that make sense for your lifestyle and what you know you enjoy.

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Recommended Resources:

UCLA Teaching Kitchen - Learn culinary skills and nutritional information. Take classes from simple healthy meals to making bread and baking. Check out their virtual classes too!

Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center - The HCI works to make UCLA the healthiest community. Their work includes (but is not limited to) the Mind Well, Eat Well, Engage Well, and Research Well Pods. Check out their resources and events such as their podcast and garden workshops!

CalFresh Initiative - Undergraduate and graduate students can apply for a grocery allowance of up to $250/month.

Mental Wellness Tips from the RISE Center

1. Get a good night's rest! The student schedule can be very tough at times and sleep can be put on the back burner. Aiming for those 8 hours and limiting all nighters can drastically improve your overall health, mood, and even academic performance.

2. Social support is very important especially when transitioning to a new environment. Stay connected with friends and family and don't be afraid to put yourself out there to make quality friendships. It's normal for it to take a couple tries to find the people you connect with.

3. Reach out for help and support when needed! Reach out to your RA, call the CAPS hotline, visit the RISE Center, etc. College can bring both wonderful but also challenging experiences. You aren't alone!

4. Take time to enjoy the activities and hobbies that bring you joy and fulfillment.

5. Wind down outside by some trees or plants. Take some deep breaths and ground yourself beside some nature.