Your Social Experience

The social experiences and connections you make are an integral part of your college experience. At UCLA, we offer a vibrant and diverse social scene, with plenty of opportunities to meet new people, try new things, and have fun! We encourage you to get involved and make the most of your time at UCLA!

Kerry's Social Experience


I knew UCLA was the right place for me after meeting my first two friends. They immediately shared stories, made me laugh, and offered a wealth of advice. Connecting with others older than me unlocked hidden tips & tricks.

With over 30,000 undergraduates, UCLA has been the perfect campus for a social butterfly like me to take flight. Following my passions and finding others who shared my interests was a key component to finding my group of friends. For those more reserved, there are plenty of opportunities to mingle with others in laid-back settings too!

Nothing brings students together like food…I met many people at the dining halls and at events. As your time at UCLA continues your community will also grow!

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Kerry's Tips: Explore Student Organizations! Browse the SOLE Website and connect your passions with clubs here on campus. There are 1,000+ clubs to discover and even more great people to meet connect with.

three students talking in a study lounge

TIP #1 - Make a group chat with your roommates and plan a Zoom/FaceTime to get to know them! Share what you are excited to do on and off campus and make plans to explore these things together!

TIP #2 - Make a bucket list of activities you would like to do on campus, Westwood, and LA. Create a ‘people plans list’ so when you meet people during move-in and classes that share similar interests you can remember who you wanted to do things with and refer to it after class or on weekends to help you make plans!



Kerry's Tips: Attend Enormous Activities Fair! Save the date: September 26th (11AM - 3PM at the Royce Quad). From cycling to stand-up comedy there is something for everyone! Watch as campus is transformed into a sea of tabling students, eager to share their club with you! Sign up for their club’s GroupMe and follow them on Instagram. These are great ways to stay in touch with club events throughout the year.

TIP #1 - Attend Events. Go to Welcome Week Events with roommates or other people on your floor or in your building community to build those connections and meet others at events! This is a great way to strengthen connections with your roommates and meet more people on your floor!

TIP #2 - Get involved! Explore student organizations, club sports, or intramural teams.

TIP #3 - Utilize the dining halls and other spots on campus to make accessible plans! Plan to share a meal in the dining hall, study in the sculpture garden, chill on Tongva Steps, walk around the botanical gardens, or use the gaming centers with new friends!

TIP #4 - Classes are a great opportunity to make friends with similar interests! Talk to people in classes and in discussion. Make study groups and go to office hours!


Kerry's Tips: Get to know your neighbors! From impromptu lounge hang-outs and movie nights to gym buddies and group dinners…great friends are right next door!

TIP #1 - Network and be the friend. Don’t just hope they reach out. Be the person happy to see them, be the welcoming one…”I was going to do this, do you want to join?”

TIP #2 - Winter quarter is often when classes can take more time. Aim for balance and remember that balance may look different everyday. Check out more strategies at the Be Well Bruin page here.

TIP #3 - Set boundaries for yourself and prioritize work. For example, determine how long you would like to spend at an activity before attending. Remember that when you are studying your brain needs breaks in order to maintain focus. Social breaks are extremely important for your mental health!

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Kerry's Tips: Spring quarter brings rejuvenation and the opportunity for exciting off campus adventures. Explore Santa Monica Pier, LACMA or Hollywood!

Scenic hikes and and free kayaking at the UCLA Marina Aquatic Center are great group activities! You can now get anywhere for free with the Universal Transit Access Pass, available for all undergraduate students at the Central Ticket Office on Campus.

TIP #1 - Surround yourself with people who push you to be the best version of yourself. At the end of your first year you will have met many different people in classes, extracurriculars, and through other aspects of college life. Reflect on who inspired you, who motivated you, who you could be 100% yourself around.

TIP #2 - Tell people you appreciate them! Before you leave for summer make some plans with your friends or others you wanted to get to know better and let them know you appreciate their friendship. Even a text telling someone you were happy you met them this year can mean a lot for the future of your friendship!

TIP #3 -Stay in contact! Check in over summer and ask what they have been up to. This may be especially important for those that you want to get to know better in order to maintain that relationship going into Fall!