Your Bruin Experience

As a Bruin, you are part of a proud and passionate community here at UCLA. Bruin Spirit is more than just a catchy phrase – it is a reflection of the pride, unity, and dedication that define the UCLA experience. Overall, being a Bruin is about coming together as a community and demonstrating our pride and passion for UCLA.

Whether it's through attending athletic events, participating in traditions, volunteering, getting involved in student government, or celebrating our diversity, there are many ways to show your Bruin Spirit and make the most of your time at UCLA!

Pedro's Bruin Experience

My first year at UCLA was both exiting and foundational to forming my time at UCLA. The best way to make your UCLA career is by putting yourself out there! The cliche saying of “Get Involved,” holds true, especially at the #1 Public University in the nation.

I made some of my best memories my first year at UCLA that will last me a lifetime! This would not have been possible if I just followed the same routine of waking up, going to class, eating, staying in the dorm, falling asleep, and doing it all over again everyday.

Putting yourself out there does not have to mean running for president of USAC or becoming the director of your club during your first year. However, if that is what you want to do, go after it!

My definition of “Getting Involved” is making new friends in your community, if that is in your club or even your dorm floor! I did both of these, and I especially loved hanging out in my floor lounge with the other residents on the floor that have become some of my closest friends. We brought the school spirit to the First To Go LLC.

The memories that my community gave me will last forever, and I know you can have the same experience by putting yourself out there!

UCLA Student posing with Bruin gear on displaying 4's up.



Pedro's Tips: Relax, practice self care, and start getting into a routine. Your summer before your first year might be your only “free” summer of your college career. I say this because the next three summer's you might have internships or even summer activities for your club/organization. This summer is the perfect time to rest before the next four years of your life. In addition, setting a routine for yourself to follow that includes your self care essentials and some physical activity will be key for a successful college career!



Pedro's Tips: This is when you should be putting yourself out there the most! Everyone on your community floor is trying to make friends, so go out and network! Go to the Enormous Activity Fair to join a club that you might like. Mine was the Latino Business Student Association, and it has been one of the best things to happen in my college career. Trust me, you are going to find a club or organization that will suit your passions!

students smiling around the bruin bear



Pedro's Tips: Okay, now that you have met your friends and joined a few clubs, it is always Winter Quarter that people say is the hardest, so create some study habits. Also find study partners in your same class! Stick to these habits and add them to your daily routine!

Students working together at library table



Pedro's Tips: As a first year student who did not know what they wanted to do in the future, in Spring Quarter  is when I went to the Career Center! This was the best thing to happen to me at UCLA! This quarter the Career Center counselors are less busy compared to the previous, so it is best to schedule appointments and build connections with them. Even if you do not know where to start, GO to the Career Center and they can help you find what you may want to explore and say Pedro sent you. You will not regret it!

True Bruin Tradition

Keep track of traditions you participate in to receive an award at commencement and find ideas to enrich your UCLA experience such as attending a movie premier, attending a TEDxUCLA event, watching a show at the UCLA planetarium, and so much more!

Use the Traditions Keeper to plan, navigate, and inspire and your time as a Bruin. Some of the resources linked below are on the Traditions Keeper!

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